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The propeller is most reliable components of the plane but it is also a very critical element for safety.   The propeller issubjected to constant stresses, to vibrations transmitted by theengine and air˜ow, in addition to strong warp and stresscentrifuges.

So for these reasons, the care and maintenance described above deserves it in this manual and particular attention in inspections and in the checks.  

It is essential that the propeller is always correctly maintained according to the recommended service procedures and that careful monitoring is carried out to detect imminent problems before they become serious.  

Potential warnings malfunctions are: excessive clearance between propeller and hub,unusual vibrations during operation, signs of damage caused by impact with stray bodies or with the ground, exc.The warranty on ELITEST propellers is valid only if they comeÿtting on airplanes according to law (weight, construction, etc.) and the motorization contemplated is Rotax 912 (80 and 100hp).  




The ELITEST blades made in composite materials  with thehighest performing technique currently applicable.For a better catalysis and stratiÿcation is usedProcess Autoclave, the fabrics are pre-impregnated with epoxy resinand cut to CNC plotter to ensure maximumprecision and homogeneity of the same.The fabric layers are designed and organized within theshovel with "to climb" technique to give greater importance to theroot of the same. Thanks to the various tensile and torsion testsperformed, reinforcement sections were made where necessary.The blades are layered in molds made of aluminum alloyfrom full and worked with numerical control machines.



The ELITEST hubs made in fusion of a special alloy ofaluminum (ALSI 12) which guarantees a high breaking load atraction and an excellent torsion resistance, they are made withtechnique "in shell", are subsequently worked withCNC machines and ÿnally anodized to guaranteeexcellent resistance to oxidation caused by humidity and byadverse climatic conditions.

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